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Strategic marketing universe + Branding Specialist 

     to reality.


about us

What if we redefined marketing?

We seek to break the conventional and push the boundaries of creativity.

First by addressing the emotions and the ideas but more precisely to those who live them, you.

We are the creative agency that likes to be seen apart from its competition by addressing

the human first and then the technology it operates.

Our universe offers creative and communicative services that are intended for the general public and businesses. Our mission is that magic and wonder will once again become a custom in our market. 

An emotional, sensitive, touching, curious, loving but above all human market.​

Our goal, simple as it is, is to deliver a unique and striking product.

We are  the creative universe of marketing thats intended for people, created by people.

We are creators of the great brands of tomorrow and accomplice of those of today.


| creative component

Here you will find all our creative services. 

This is where our magic operates.

Colors, shapes, emotions, words, ideas and concepts.

We have created a comprehensive service portfolio

so that with our help, you are seen under your best light, every day.

+ brand image

+ website design

+ web & digital design

+ design & creation

+ social media management

+ content creation

+ writing

+ editing

| strategic component

On this side, we're talking strategies, performances

and communications.

We talk about inbound, outbound, advertising and positioning marketing.

Here, the key is in the planning but above all the execution. We created this service portfolio so that you see clearly what the strategies are and that your marketing objectives are clearly defined.

+ marketing plan

+ communications plan

+ positioning strategies 

+ corporate consulting

+ communications 

+ hr marketing

+ advertising


 | want to stay in touch? 

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It's so much easier to love a brand when it loves you back.

- Agence Cosmo


Your marketing accomplice
from day 1

No false promises!
We are with you from day 1 and you can count on us at day 2. 

From setting up your identity to designing and putting your web environment online, we support you and act alongside you as a creative accomplice and standard bearer for your brand and ultimately; you, who represents it.

Through the creation and design of your brand image, your long and wide digital design, corporate support, communications management, the establishment of strategic plans, the management of social networks and the creation of content, we we are a strategic asset and an ally in your organizational performance.

We bring our clients ideas and dreams to life, while playing a role of accomplice and marketing strategist in their strategic communications.


We masterfully support your growth and performance objectives,

with only one goal in mind; keeping your organization under its best light, every day.

Head in the stars.
Both feet on the ground.

Cosmo is a creative and agile universe who distorts conventional marketing by being both relevant and impactful.


The perfect place where are shining the best 

local and international talents.

Where we celebrate diversity, inclusion and originality and where we believe in no limitations.


A world of our own, where our talents, both different and original, unite and create strength in order to deliver a unique and striking product. 

​Cosmo is more than just a marketing agency, it is the engine of change for an entire market. We are the new genre of creative box that 

dare, dream, imagine, create and love.

We are a creative world of marketing thought out for people, made by people.

We are creators of the great brands of tomorrow and accomplice of those of today.

Management team

Alexandre Lemieux + France Goyet

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